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Over a decade in the investigative field specializing in cases involving surveillance, liability investigations, undercover operations, background & locate investigations, workplace violence.


Each investigation will be handled in a prompt, professional, and confidential manner. Although each client and case are different, we will handle each with the same respect and consideration.

Client Relations

Maintaining an open line of communication with our clients is a top priority. Clients will communicate directly with the investigator working their case and will be provided regular updates.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our equipment is top-of-the-line and state-of-the- art. We keep pace with technological advancements to better serve our clients and provide the highest quality investigative services.

Competitive Rates

We will provide a thorough investigation at an affordable price and work within your budget.

“Our law firm has used SBI for several years to handle a wide range of investigative matters.  His office has handled all of our case assignments effectively, efficiently and professionally.”

-Attorney (Indiana)

“I like the professional and fast service of SBI. You always receive a phone call when the investigator is at the location of the claimant and this helps to determine if you need additional investigation or if you feel you should end the investigation at that time. This is a huge help in saving costs. I would highly recommend using SBI.”

-Insurance Claims Rep. (Indiana)

“SBI has been there when I needed them most and does the job in a timely and professional manner. SBI is cost conscious and does not waste my funds if it appears their investigative efforts are unlikely to bear fruit. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an investigator.”

-Attorney (Indiana)

“SBI has presented some of the best surveillance footage I have ever seen, all at a reasonable price. I fully trust their work!”

-Worker’s Comp. Claims Consultant (Indianapolis, IN)

“I can't thank SBI enough for their kindness. I called at the last minute and they were always kind enough to help me with my domestic problems. Their turn around time is so prompt.”

-Domestic Client (Indiana)

“SBI Investigative Services is my first choice for fast, thorough and reliable information. I can always count on excellent customer service and reasonable pricing. I would highly recommend SBI to anyone in search of private investigator services.  SBI is a top notch investigation service that produces rock solid results… and fast!”

-Paralegal (Indiana)

“I use SBI whenever I am in need of surveillance and other investigative services. My primary reason for using SBI is that they get results! That they are able to do so expeditiously and for a fair price is icing on the cake.”

-Attorney (Indiana)

Domestic investigations cover a lot more than what the average person initially thinks. Domestic investigation is actually a term used to cover all services used by individuals and everyday citizens for their own personal use. Some of the most commonly requested are divorce and background records, custody issues, social network investigations, missing persons, and property/ asset record searches.

Legal investigations are a useful necessity to the entire legal system. In many situations, attorneys need assistance in locating witnesses and/ or victims who have either previously provided expired or false contact information. Additionally, legal investigations could include class action lawsuits, written and recorded statements, general surveillance, subpoena service, criminal/ civil record searches, as well as many more services.

Insurance investigations are a major portion of the workload of today’s private investigator. The “Coalition Against Insurance Fraud” estimates approximately $80 billion is paid out in fraudulent insurance claims each year (average of $950 of additional annual premiums for each American household). Some examples of insurance fraud are workers compensation claims, staged auto accidents, arson, and embellishing loss from a burglary/ theft.

Corporate investigations encompass all investigations used by businesses for business purposes. These are generally used to increase productivity, decrease losses, and resolve workplace issues. Corporate investigations cover anything from embezzlement, FMLA abuse, electronic countermeasures (bug sweeping), to basic services such as employee background checks, driving records and education history.